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Today I came across this comment on Fetlife defining the word “pansexual” (trigger warning for a transphobic slur):

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Yeah. This. I’ve had a variety of people “praise” me for being far queerer/gayer/whatever than I am. I’ve playfully called myself hetroflexible…

Really? I always read it as an easy way of saying “I’m attracted to the person, not their gender or genitals.”  Which isn’t even comprehensible to mainstream Straightness, which includes gayness and rests on the inflexibility of orientation.  Even though I’m somewhat butch, attracted to women, and one of my most intense emotional relationships is with a woman, I still understand myself and usually read as basically straight.

Also, the whole procedure of having female friends to go to sexy clubs with is completely alien to me, which may be connected to how excited I am by the idea of being outnumbered.

That comment is the worst “generalizing from an anecdote” I’ve seen in a while and also kind of irrelevent.

Um what the hell?

Firstly, throwing around the T slur is not ok and I’m going to view any opinions from someone who does as being sketchy as heck.

Secondly, I’m in a relationship with a non-binary person so pansexual is quite a useful term for me, although I tend to mainly use queer.

Thirdly, I just jerked off into a pan. What now asshole?